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Spread Your Wings and Fly

Learn How to Become a Pilot at our Aviation Academy

Uplifting EXperiences.
Inspirational influences.

We exist to provide a safe, supervised Christian atmosphere empowering young bodies and minds with a sense of God's purpose, well-being, skills and values to unlock their true potential in Christ.


Our skate park is free to use. Open sunrise to sundown.  Come hang with us and find your inner thrasher.


Slow pitch and fast pitch softball and baseball options available! $7 for 15 minutes!


Get in shape and stay in shape in our 24/7 gym with free weights, machine weight and cardio machines. 


Our certified flight instructors can help you pursue an aviation career, or find a breathtaking hobby.

Invest in this Ministry

We covet your prayers, we appreciate your financial contributions, and we love it when you can volunteer. Ask yourself how you can invest in this powerful ministry.

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